Personal Recruitment

Recruitment in the new normal

It is more than evident that we have experienced a before and after in the wake of the global COVID-19 pandemic. The business world and the labour market have been no exception and have been forced to adapt quickly to this new reality.

In this context, the areas of Human Resources and Talent Management have been forced to rethink the ways of working within companies, in order to take on the challenges posed by the new normality we are experiencing.

Reinventing yourself to adapt to the new normality

Before the pandemic began, the need to accelerate the pace of digitization of routine work processes in the area of Human Resources had been identified. From this year onwards it became a necessity.

In these months we have been living the beginning of the future of work. This forces the Human Resources area to lead this transformation; its role is key to generate connections between technology, collaborators and the organization.

Therefore, resilience and leadership in the recruitment and HR teams are and will be vital in creating new processes, new ways of working and new types of relationships between employees, customers and business partners.

Fundamental aspects of recruitment for the transition to the new normality

There are some aspects of talent management and recruitment that have begun and will continue to change rapidly.

Social distancing: Social distancing is not a choice. It is essential to look after the health of our team and the candidates. It is very important to maintain the human component of the interview and the whole process, this can be done through digital tools. Your team and the candidates will value this.

Digitization: We must digitize our selection and recruitment process, that is, identify the tasks that can be automated, analyze the path followed by a candidate during our selection process and unify these criteria to carry out the entire process digitally.

Work flexibility: For many professionals, part-time contracts are very desirable because they allow them to combine different activities. It is likely that many companies will choose to offer part-time contracts or slightly more flexible terms to adapt to possible changes in scenario.

Combination of face-to-face activity and teleworking: Now that some face-to-face activity is beginning to be recovered, many companies are still offering their employees the possibility of working from home.

The dual model combining face-to-face activity and teleworking (homeoffices ) is one of the most important novelties brought about by the pandemic; many professionals value it as an interesting measure of labour flexibility. It also helps to reconcile their professional responsibilities and to spend more time with their loved ones.

Agile mentality and culture: From the recruiter's point of view, he or she must adopt an agile way of working in order to achieve objectives and goals in the short term. This type of mentality also implies the capacity to develop innovation and creativity in order to find new ways to achieve the goals of the Human Resources area.

Tools for the future of recruitment

At Ingeniosi, the use of digital resources has enabled us to have greater quality and efficiency in our recruitment processes. This allows us to select the most suitable talent for our clients.

These are some recruitment tools that will most likely remain in the post Covid-19 era, we share some of them with you:

  • Increased presence in social networks.
  • Adaptation of CVs to new needs.
  • Digital recruitment services or ATS (Applicant Tracking System).
  • Video call interviews.
  • One-way or asynchronous interviews.
  • Virtual forms for remote psychometric tests.
  • Electronic signatures.


The pandemic has made us digitize, it has brought us closer to the future almost immediately, and above all it has changed our personal and professional lives as we knew them before. However, this gives us the opportunity as Human Resources to grow, to develop our skills to learn new tools from the world of technology, to seek innovation to be creative when recruiting and to connect with our customers and candidates by providing a quality service.